Afternoon Reading List 09.19.13.

Reuters’ reconsiders developing their new direct-to-reader platform: In a NYT story written Wednesday by Leslie Kaufman,  she reports that Andrew Rashbass, chief executive of Reuters, announced that further development of the new platform “Next” will end immediately. Budgetary restraints and overruns were cited as reasons for ending the project. Reuters will now focus on developing local-language sites for their websites, and will utilize as much work from “Next” as they can.

Why you should read it: Not only was the anticipated “Next” project cancelled, but Jim Roberts, head of Reuters Digital, is leaving the company, saying he won’t be leaving news and stay tuned for his next move.

More on Kathie Lee being inappropriate after the jump…

Kathie Lee is creepy around children: Last night, NBC’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb assisted 17-year-old lisping “America’s Got Talent” contestant Collins Key as he performed a magic trick with a dollar bill, a book, an envelope, the word sucking, and Kathie Lee making a pass at the kid. HuffPost posted last night’s clip earlier today, and even though the trick is long and elaborate, the awkward sexual dynamic between the spring and winter love-birds is quite palpable.

Why you should read it: There’s a video and a short write-up.  I suggest watching the video because the young magician’s voice definitely cracks somewhere in there, making everything Kathie Lee says just a little bit more inappropriate.