Afternoon Reading List 11.19.13

Journos VS Flacks: Newscastic co-founder and contributor Chris Ortiz posted a blog yesterday about the six ways in which PR flacks piss off journalists. The list comes complete with some wacky, fun, and zany GIFs, but more importantly, it includes six very true, very irritating flack-related pet peeves.

Why you should read it: It’s all true, and that makes the piece funny. The GIFs however, are priceless and were perfectly placed at the proper points of the list, highlighting each of the pet peeves. Read more here.

Shep Smith mocks fat Canadian crackhead mayor: Yesterday, HuffPost’s Jack Mirkinson added a clip of Fox News’ Shep Smith and his instant replay videos of Toronto Mayor/ginormous crack enthusiast, Rob Ford. In the clip, Ford thundered across the floor of a busy city council meeting and barreled into an old lady. A reporter’s voice in the background details Ford’s movements, but Smith shamelessly mocks the egg-shaped druggy as he power-waddles into a bystander and then topples her to the floor.

Why you should read/watch it: The clip of Ford truffle-shuffling all the way across the room has been blasted all over the cable news stations, but Smith’s captions make his coverage the one most worth watching. Read/watch more here.

What does the media keep getting wrong in its Obamacare coverage?

  Reporting blunders on the new healthcare law: Yesterday, TNR’s Jonathan Cohn contributed a story that highlights six things the media doesn’t understand about the ACA. Cohn says “the real story is smaller—and way more complicated—than a credulous media would have everybody believe.” Cohn, then dives into a sextet of reasons why we don’t get it.

Why you should read it: There are questions not being asked right now, and according to Cohn, these unnoticed stories should be given the appropriate context and perspective they deserve. So go on, give it to ’em. Read more here.

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