Afternoon Reading List 09.18.13.

Media blames violent video games for aggressive behavior: Political blogger Oliver Willis of MediaMatters posted a story yesterday detailing how the media has blamed video games for gun violence. The argument over video games influencing real world violence isn’t new. The gunmen behind Columbine, Virginia Tech, Arizona, Norway, Aurora, Sandy Hook, and most recently, the Navy Yard, were all avid video game players. In the aftermath of Monday’s tragedy, media outlets like Fox News and MSNBC cited Aaron Alexis‘ intense video game addiction as a possible cause for his deranged actions. Willis then makes a point to clarify that all of the studies done on this subject have either failed to provide a correlation between violence and video games, or they have debunked the myth that a connection between the two even exists.

Why you should read it: Even though intense, life affecting video game addiction has not proven itself to be the cause of real world gun violence, it may be a reliable indicator of certain personality types or unusual emotional states. Who doesn’t want to be forewarned?

Snooping Justice Department accidentally helps advance shield bill: Today, The Hill’s lobbying and advocacy reporter Megan Wilsonwrote a story highlighting the current state of a shield bill that recently advanced through the Senate Judiciary Committee in a 13-5 vote as the response to the illegal Justice Department snooping on reporters. Finally, after several years, a proposed bill for a shield law aiming to grant federal protection to journos and their sources is more than likely going to make it to the Senate floor.

Why you should read it: It could affect your future. After it passed through committee, the big-wig media giants picked up the check for a massive increase in lobbying muscle and put it behind the shield bill. The suits essentially told the journos ‘Hey, don’t worry guys. We got your back on this,’ which was a pretty cool move on their behalf.

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New lineup for Fox News: Fox News announced yesterday that their new lineup will be kicking off on October 7. According to a story posted yesterday by Jack Mirkinson, Media Editor of HuffPost, Fox News is putting Megyn Kelly at the 9 p.m., Greta Van Susteren to 7 p.m., and Sean Hannity to 10 p.m. Bill O’Reilly, who stays at his regular 8 p.m. slot, reigns king over all cable news shows in ratings (and has done so for the past decade).

Why you should read it: Either so you can know when to set your DVR accordingly, or if you vehemently loathe Greta, Bill, Hannity, or Kelly but still enjoy Fox News’ other programs, you’ll know when to not flip the channel to Fox News.

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