Afternoon Reading List 10.02.13

Alec Baldwin blasts Scarborough, Kristol on Twitter: In a HuffPost piece this morning by Jack Mirkinson, new MSNBC host Alec Baldwin blasts his colleague, Joe Scarborough, and his guest, The Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol on Wednesday morning. Despite the wishes of his new boss, Phil Griffin, the president of the network, who publicly told Alec that he needed to tone down his Twitter fighting, Alec went on his rampage before most people even finished their morning coffee.

Why you should read it: Check out Alec’s tweets and see who he credits for his flagrant disregard for his new boss’s orders. Read more here.

Press to blame for government shutdown? According to Media Matters blogger, Eric Boehlert, members of the press are partially responsible. For using falsely equivalent terms like “both sides” and “Congress” in reporting, Boehlert says the media takes the blame from those who really deserve it. Namely, in Boehlert’s liberal eyes, the Republicans, specifically, the far right-wing faction of the party, (AKA the Tea Partiers).

Why you should read it: This story may be talking about you and the reporting you did that one time about Obamacare and America and people and such. Remember? Well that’s why. Read more here

Who’s up for a beer after the jump?


Let’s all grab a drink!: Cheers! TWT’s Cheryl K. Chumley wrote a piece about how some of the government’s furloughed workers have all been going out and getting tipsy at the bars as of late. Bars like Elephant & Castle pub in downtown Washington have been offering 10 percent off all food for government workers, and all day “happy hour” prices for drinks. So much so that it’s almost a celebration of government employees in the bars in the District right now.

Why you should read it: You work hard, and if you don’t meet your deadline for that piece on the House Education Committee’s refusal to raise the minimum wage for public school teachers in inner cities, who cares? The government called a time out, and maybe you deserve one, too. Read more here.