Reading in the Sun? Your Android Phone Could Use This Add-on E-Ink Display

Did you ever think your second screen could use a second screen? Say, for reading? That’s the premise behind this Android E-Ink display, an add-on screen that attaches to Android phones to provide a sun-friendly reading experience that also happens to use less battery power.

Called the InkCase Plus, the add-on device is made to be compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5. Made by Los Angeles based Oaxis, this is their second generation of second screen accessories boasting an E-Ink screen.  According to Oaxis, using the screen for reading can increase the Galaxy’s battery longevity from 4 hours to 19 hours by turning off your screen’s LCD display.

This is a great idea, but only if you’ve a hankering for an E-Reader. The InkCase isn’t exactly the cheapest way to keep your phone running longer – it’s $79 USD. There are plenty of battery options for less than that, but it usually doesn’t improve your reading experience. If anything, this add-on case is similar to the Russian Yotaphone, which has dual LCD and E-Ink displays. Yotaphone isn’t readily available in the US, so if you don’t mind carrying a larger-than-usual case, check out InkCase on Kickstarter.


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