Readers Weigh In on Piracy

Yesterday, we asked readers whether they thought it seems justified to turn to a pirated edition of an eBook if there is no legitimate edition available. This discussion got going after we posted a link to a pirated edition of Roberto Bolano’s 2666, for which we took a good deal of–we now think appropriate–flack.

One reader, posting as “tsutrav,” felt very strongly that partaking of a pirated book was never ok:

It’s not right to turn to a pirated edition, just because the publisher hasn’t made the choice to make it available to me, in the format I choose. I agree publishers should listen to the customers and make every book available in every format possible. They really should.

I think the ones that don’t will fail. But in the meantime, that doesn’t justify my turning to pirating works just because they’re slow.

Another reader, “thewriterssituation,” humorously let this blogger off the hook for posting that link, which has since been taken down, deferring to pirates’ penchant for intimidation: “I think you did fine in taking it down and fine in putting up the link in the first place. Most people understand that when pirates have someone do something, you are being forced to do it. Otherwise you might have had to walk the plank!”

Anybody else want to weigh in?