Readers Weigh in on Enhanced eBooks

Yesterday we asked readers what they think about “enhanced” eBooks, such as David Baldacci’s forthcoming eBook, which he calls “enriched.” It’s supposed to come packed not only with “deleted scenes” from the book (should we read this as “stuff that got edited out”?), but also video of the author working in his office.

Two readers who are also writers responded with different opinions on whether enhanced eBooks with extra features are a good idea. Though neither of them seemed to psyched about releasing video of themselves doing the lonely work of writing.

A reader posting as “bearmountainbooks” says he’s content with standard eBooks: “Get it formatted right, looking good and have the story.” And, he continues, “As an author? I really don’t want my deleted scenes in the book…me working in my office? Eeek! I better comb my hair…”

Another author, posting as “author author” says “ebooks with enhancements? bring it on.” This reader sees the enhanced eBook as an opportunity to add value to his or her writing: “as an author who will soon be reissuing one of his books in ebook format, i’m greatly anticipating the ability to build on the, uh, regular ebook experience with interview tape clips, notes, etc. i’ll skip all that video footage i shot of myself writing though!”

We’d love to hear from more of you on this. Is anyone excited to see Baldacci–or any other writer–at work?