Readers: “Stop publishing The Post.”

Give the Post credit: They published a handful of letters to the editor with such pieces of advice as…

…”Stop publishing The Post.”

…”Why don’t we all cancel our subscriptions to your Post and save a tree?”

…”Have The Washington Post stop publishing the free Express newspaper.”

…”When finished reading the paper, 10 pages of the paper, with hay over it, provide a very effective, organic and inexpensive mulch. Water is retained, and the weeds don’t grow.”

Of course, the Post “editors” don’t take it sitting down and play right back, returning the charges with…

…”We’re giving your wisdom serious consideration. This may be your last newspaper.”

…”There is no home delivery of the Express, so that must be some other newspaper littering driveways and front stoops.”

…”Sorry, Mr. Dudenhoefer , Ms. McGee has persuaded us to continue publishing The Post.”