Readers Respond to the ‘Kids’ iPad’

The other day we told you about Fisher-Price’s iXL, an iPad for kids–it’s an app-based computer for kids, including a children’s eBook app. Lots of readers responded to the news in the eBN comments and on Twitter, and we wanted to share some of their responses.

First, one reader, Michael Hochman, wasn’t slow on the uptake like this blogger (who said he didn’t like or understand the name “iXL” and pointed out the intelligence behind the product’s name: “What’s wrong with iXL? It’s clever (‘I excel’)” Oooooh. Of course.

Then, another reader posting as “Love The Cool: A Digital Life” either expressed that she would be buying an iXL for someone in her family because she’s had good experiences with this type of product, or won’t, because she already has something better: “My iPhone is the sitter for my 6 yr old nephew-educational apps and he figured out the multi-touch immediately.”

On Twitter, @JodyRobbins pointed out that Mattel, the company behind Fisher-Price and the iXL, is creating early adopters of future tech: “Leave no prospective lifelong customers alone.” @Nancybartels recalls a simpler time: “‘Member when Fisher-Price meant those funny round peg people & the play airport?” Finally, @cbaccus is skipping right over this kiddie toy for her little ones: “My 4 yr olds need the Apple apps and wifi so we’re going real iPad.”