Reader’s Digest Audience Tops Survey List

readers_digest_3.30.10.jpgA survey conducted by Affinity found that Reader’s Digest has the largest audience among consumer magazines – 33.8 million, to be exact. In second and third place come Better Homes and Gardens and People magazines, with readerships of 32.2 million and 29.6 million, respectively. The survey was conducted via the Web using 22,000 adult responders and 150 magazine titles.

It should be pointed out that the results of the Affinity survey differ from those gathered by Mediamark Research & Intelligence’s magazine audience survey, which found People to be the most-read at 45.1 million, followed by Better Homes and Gardens with 38.9 million and National Geographic with 31.7 million. This survey was conducted through in-person interviews.

Nonetheless, the news is good for Reader’s Digest, particularly in light of the massive layoffs and bankruptcy that had plagued the company through much of last year.

However, this bit of good news shouldn’t mean any of the magazines listed can hope to catch a break anytime soon: The Affinity survey also determined that, while 91 percent of people age 65 and up read magazines, that number drops down quite a bit to 68 percent among 18- to 24-year-olds. Garnering a younger readership that will grow with a publication might mean channeling extra resources towards an online and/or digital presence.