Readers Blast First Lady’s Visit to Shake Shack

Politico CLICK’s item on first lady Michelle Obama visiting the obvious grease pit Shake Shack Monday was vanilla. But even the bare bones item — that she was spotted there — couldn’t ruin the colorful array of pointed comments that came after.

Thank God Politico never did away with their Comment sections. We only hope that she enjoyed the Shack Stack burger above.

A Sampling:

  • Girlfriend your man is in the middle of his re-election campaign. We can’t have you trotting all over and getting puffy. Put down that cheeseburger girl and start eating like you tell all them trailer park fools how to eat. — Georgey Begala (we assume he bears no relation to the animated Democratic pundit Paul Begala).
  • Does anyone think without 142 personal aides that costs the US millions of dollars a year, that Mrs. Obama could never control her eating. Shakes are made of fat and burgers are made of grease. Just what American kids need. More obesity and bad diets. — Rufus
  • Typical know-it-all progressive socialist. They’re the first ones to legislate what you can do, and they’re the first ones pork out on everything they’ve restricted from the “common” man. — You’ve Just Got to Hate Progressives