Reader’s Digest Editor-In-Chief Will Q & A On Facebook

Reader's Digest Global Editor-In-Chief Peggy Northrop will host a question-and-answer session on the magazine's Facebook page this Thursday.

“How Safe Is Our Water?” Reader’s Digest will attempt to answer that question in the cover story of its August issue. Speaking of answering questions, global editor-in-chief Peggy Northrop will do so on the magazine’s Facebook page.

Reader’s Digest will introduce the cover and contents of its August issue Thursday, and that day Northrop will answer readers’ questions on Facebook from 9 am to 5 pm eastern standard time.

The magazine has attracted nearly 190,000 Facebook fans to date.

The August issue and the report on the safety of drinking water will be the main focus, but Northrop will answer questions about all things Reader’s Digest.

“How Safe Is Our Water” covers topics including: why drinking water can help prevent blood clots, heart disease, cancer, and crankiness; information on bottled water, including deceptions, misperceptions, states that consume the most, and states where it is banned; the water in Dimock, Pa., which has enough methane in it to catch fire; water in cities compared with rural communities; and ensuring that water is safe to drink.