Read Social News Feeds With NewsWhip App

NewsWhip, a new news reader that pulls stories based on social data, has launched an iOS app for the iPad and the iPhone. The app scans Facebook and Twitter in real time to see which news stories are getting the most shares and then serves these into a live stream. The company’s claim is that it is “the world’s most democratic news source: the best news stories right now, as decided by everyone.”

Like on other social news reading services such as Flipboard and Pulse, NewsWhip users can personalize their experience. For example, users can organize content based on trending news in various categories including: politics, gossip, technology, fun, music, movies, gaming, startups, health, food, and sports.

Users can also personalize based on geographic location and look at news by country for the U.S., the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, India, Europe, China and South Africa. The app has a tool called, “MyWhips” that lets you access the sections you visit most frequently.