Read, React, Reach Out With BookGlutton

Currently in private beta, BookGlutton looks to write a new chapter on social networking and reading. While many people like to curl up on the couch with their favorite tome, the founders of BookGlutton are banking that you’ll want to read the classics online – and react.

The Web site is fueled by the Unbound Reader tool, technology that lets readers participate in a live chat while they read a book online. If you rather concentrate on the text, you can also leave comments. The goal is to design a Web-based e-book reader that encourages discussion and is embraced by bookworms around the world.

Users that opt for chat can talk about the overall book or the part that they are up to. Comments permit the user to “mark up” the text with feedback, thoughts, opinions or anything else you feel corresponds to the text. The comments can then be set to private/public. This can be helpful if you’re writing a report, book review or simply want to engage in heated literary debates with your peers.

Comments that you have left on various text(s) will be displayed on your overall profile. This means that your friends or fans can jump into a discussion on any book you’ve read on BookGlutton.

We’re not sure when the site will opening to the public. It’s clear the founders want to get it right before they just swing the doors open for everyone. Like a fine writer, they’re taking their time.