Read New York’s ‘Year in Culture’ Issue Just for The Arguments

New York’s “Year in Culture” issue, which hits newsstands this week, is fantastic. We haven’t made it all the way through yet, but from what we’ve read, you need to buy this issue. You should also subscribe to New York, but we’ll yell at you about that later.

The Year in Culture issue is great because of the arguments you can have after reading it. While the features are excellent — we recommend the piece on Timbaland by Jessica Pressler — New York’s critics also selected the year’s best in pop, movies, TV, art and more. Here’s an example of what could happen after you’re done reading the 10 Best TV Shows list:

You: “Can you believe New York’s Matt Zoller Seitz picked Breaking Bad as the third best TV show of the year? I heard he has a drinking problem.”

Friend: “What? Breaking Bad is the best TV show of the last 10 years, let alone this year! What did he say was better?”

You:Arrested Development and Hannibal.”

Friend: “Oh, see, he’s right about Arrested Development. It is a silly, silly show!”

You: “I don’t think we should hang out anymore.”

Former Friend: “Oh c’mon! How about that Michael Cera? I mean, is he awkward or what? That’s a funny way to be!”

You: “I’m leaving.”

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