Read it Later Pro is Free Today in the Amazon Appstore

Amazon gives away a free Android app everyday, and I’d strongly urge you to go get today’s app. Read it Later is one of a number of apps that will help you cache a webpage so you can read it later. It’s also one of the better apps, and the $3 retail price is well worth it.

You can use this app (and related apps) to grab a copy of web content (text, images, video and more) that you want to read when you have more time. This app will also let you share links to interesting articles.

The listing has more details: “Read It Later works on multiple device platforms through a single account. Save articles from work or home, using your computer browser, mobile device, or more than 130 applications that support Read It Later. View or add pages to your Read It Later reading list on any computer or mobile device. Read It Later even bookmarks your scroll position in each article so you can start reading on your computer, switch to your phone, and pick up exactly where you left off.”


If you miss out on this deal, there’s also a free version of the app in the Android Market, but it is missing a few advanced features.