Read It Later is Now a Part of More Than 250 Apps

Idea Shower, creator of the Read It Later platform, set a new record yesterday when it announced that it and its partners had released more than 250 that can share, send, and retrieve reading materiel from Read It Later.

The apps are spread across all major platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian, and even minor platforms like WebOS. Also, the name and function of some of the apps will surprise you.  For example, the ebook library app calibre is able to pull content from Read It Later and convert it into an ebook so you can read on your Kindle, Kobo eReader, Nook, or other eBook reader.

Let’s put today’s number in perspective. Of Read It Later main competitors (Instapaper & Readability), Instapaper is now reporting that it has 140+ partner apps and Readability has a handful of apps. If you measure success by the number of participating apps, Read It Later is quite far in the lead.