Read Bolano with All Your Online Friends

Here’s a fun bit of non-CES news. Ever wanted to read the late Chilean author Roberto Bolano, but didn’t know how or where to start? Well, right now an online reading group is forming at, a clog run by Matt Bucher. The plan is to read Bolano’s doorstopper masterpiece 2666 between January 25th and May. Weekly reading assignments are already posted on the blog.

The project got started as a response to a failed plan on the part of a previous online reading group, Infinite Summer, which tacked David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. Bucher said, “it looks like the planned read of 2666 is not going to materialize on Infinite Summer. If at some point it does materialize, I will probably refrain from posting too much here in favor of taking advantage of the infrastructure they already have in place over there. BUT until then, I plan to coordinate the group read here.”

Of course, you’ll have to get hold of a print copy of 2666, because the super-power Wylie Agency, which handles Bolano, is apparently reluctant to sell the eBook rights. An online reading group is as close as you’ll get right now to eReading the book, save retyping all 900 pages of it yourself and then dragging it to your eReader.