Read AppLift’s 5 Steps to Successfully Market your Free-to-Play Game!

It is no secret that in the last couple of years Free-to-Play has become the main business model for mobile games. There is hardly a day without a new revenue-breaking record making industry headlines.

By moving monetization after the install and into the game, Free-to-Play has indeed unleashed the revenue potential for each player.

However, free games present clearly identified challenges for publishers when it comes to marketing and advertising.

With monetization now optional and taking place after the install, it’s important to know exactly at which price you can acquire a new user in order to turn a profit.

It’s a numbers game.

In this new eBook by AppLift, we present the 5 steps to optimizing your mobile game’s marketing and advertising efforts, both within and outside of the app stores.

Here’s a sneak peak!

  • 1.     Master App Store Marketing

Learn how to make the most of these powerful distribution channels, through discoverability and conversion optimization.

  • 2.     Go For a Wise Mix of Traffic Sources

Find out how to pick the right marketing and advertising channels for your game, both free and paid.

  • 3.     Plan your Launch

Discover everything you need to take into account to ace your launch!

  • 4.     Get Ready for the Long Haul

Get to know why mobile game advertising is a marathon, not a sprint…

  • 5.     Track Beyond the Install

See how to track post-install events in order to optimize your advertising spend.

Happy Mobile Game Marketing!

To download your free copy of the eBook, click here.


AppLift is the world’s first mobile affiliate network, 100% focused on mobile games. Through our network of gaming-relevant affiliates, we help mobile game advertisers acquire loyal users on a CPI basis. Additionally we offer publishers to effectively monetize their traffic with quality offers, on both iOS and Android. We provide our partners with extensive and personalized support and help them achieve the highest performance by optimizing campaigns for CLV (customer lifetime value) in order to deliver ambitious ROI targets.

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