Rdio for iPad in the App Store Queue

Rdio for iPad app screenshot courtesy of TechCrunch
Rdio is a music streaming subscription service that, for $9.99 per month, provides unlimited web access, unlimited mobile streaming access and the ability to sync music to a mobile device. It already has an iPhone app. And, Mashable gave us a heads-up that a Rdio app tuned for the iPad was on its way.

Rdio iPad App On Its Way

Meanwhile, TechCrunch previewed Rdio’s iPad app and gave a positive overall rating.

First Look: Rdio’s iPad App Now Awaiting Apple’s Approval, We Go Hands-On

Rdio for iPhone app
It is interesting that the app focuses on the album experience since it seems that iTunes and other online music purchasing services have focused on single songs. You can see TechCrunch’s screenshot of the as yet unreleaesd iPad app in the first screenshot. The second screenshot gives you an idea of what the current iPhone specific Rdio app looks like.

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