RDA’s Allrecipes.com Launches Video Channel

Since its founding a dozen years ago, Allrecipes.com has been a homespun-style site where home cooks can swap recipes.
Now, the brand, owned by Reader’s Digest Association, is polishing its image, with the launch of an online video site. Allrecipes.tv features professional how-to videos and an original web series, “What’s Cooking?”, where a host interviews home cooks in their kitchens. The site also will carry 150-plus videos produced by Rouxbe.com, an online cooking school.
While Allrecipes.com will continue to exist, the hope is that its video counterpart will tap into advertisers’ growing demand for web video advertising and product integration. Kikkoman, the launch sponsor, has preroll ads throughout the site, and Allrecipes plans to allow future advertisers to be included in the videos themselves, using grocery items from the home cook’s kitchen.
While “we’re never going to pretend an advertisement isn’t what it is,” said Esmee Williams, vp, brand marketing for Allrecipes, “if there are ways the brand can very naturally fit in the story, that’s something that’s very attractive to the advertiser and consumer.”
Allrecipes is the third biggest food/cooking site with 8.4 million monthly uniques, per Nielsen, but faces new competition all the time. The latest, from Hearst, is a search engine called GreatRecipes.com that trawls over 300 sites to find recipes based on criteria such as ingredient or dietary needs.