RD Recap: Roger Ailes Intrigue; David Skok Is Leaving the Boston Globe

The latest media hirings and firings.

Could Roger Ailes‘ time as head of Fox News finally be up? That’s one theory floating around after Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Rupert Murdoch‘s right-hand man. Gabriel Sherman, one of the best-sourced reporters when it comes to the Fox News world, hears that Murdoch, along with sons Lachlan and James, hired outside counsel to investigate the allegations. “It’s a coup,” one source tells Sherman. The idea is to push Ailes out and “install a less-right-wing chief” of the money-making machine…

David Skok is leaving his job as managing editor and vice president, digital, at The Boston Globe. “He constantly and consistently preaches quality–quality story-telling, quality editing, quality decision-making,” editor Brian McGrory wrote in a goodbye memo. “He wags his finger at anyone seduced by the siren song of page views–‘Vanity metrics,’ he calls them–and recites from memory what specific stories led to the most subscriptions.”… Andrew Keh will be heading to Berlin as The New York Times’ European sports correspondent. He replaces Sam Borden, who’s moving to the States and will continue working at the Times… Alison Mitchell is upped to senior editor for news at NYT… Former Time International editor Bobby Ghosh is named editor in chief of Hindustan Times… And there are changes at Allure, Harlequin and more