RCR: ‘Pity’ For Those Who Shop at AT&T Mobility Store

On Monday AT&T launched its new Online Experience Mobility store, which lets consumers browse the latest handsets as if in a virtual 3-D world like Second Life or other avatar-based environments. RCR Wireless News has now taken that site for a spin, saying that it represents online shopping “at its most difficult”—in part because the store almost never mentions the price of anything, in typical used-car-dealer fashion.

The store only presents six handsets, which is far less than what AT&T carries. Once you endure the online visual presentation, you’re forced to go back to AT&T’s regular site to get any detailed pricing; which of course is buried there, too, as it has always been. “Though visually appealing, AT&T Mobility’s virtual store comes across as more of a marketing gimmick than a shopping utility.” So much for that idea.