RAZR Team Exodus at Motorola Continues

razr2.jpgAs Motorola’s fortunes continue to dwindle, and as Samsung recently replaced Motorola as the number 2 handset vendor worldwide, a stream of employees credited for the RAZR launch in 2004 have now left the company.

RCR Wireless News now reports that Ray Roman, senior VP of worldwide mobile devices sales, is on his way out. He’s the third high-profile executive responsible for the RAZR to leave this year.

There’s been a fair amount of press recently about Motorola’s struggles, including a piece by this author. Their latest handsets, including the stellar RAZR2 line, are pretty strong, but no one knows for sure if they’re enough to keep the company afloat in the long term.

Another Razr veteran leaves Motorola [RCR Wireless News]