Ravenwood Fair Leads The Pack on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games by MAU

Ravenwood Fair has taken the number one position for the third week in a row on our weekly list of the fastest-growing Facebook Games as determined by Monthly Active Users (MAU). The game by LOLapps has gained another 20% increase this week with a new total MAU of over 8.3 million, making it the 13th most popular game on Facebook by this metric.

Both AddictingGames and Foursquare are showing high numbers on the below chart due to using Facebook Connect as their login service. AddictingGames is a Flash games portal, and Foursquare’s Facebook application simply redirects to Foursquare.com. A number of games on the list such as Loan Consolidation, Frenziac, Cubix Collect, Halloween Pumpkins, and Witch Lore are all by the developer TubeYou, and also appear to be accessed on a Flash games portal.

Mynet Çanak Okey is a Flash card game in Turkish that has been showing up week after week. Its success seems driven by it being one of the first poker games in Turkish, not by its production quality.

Top Gainers This Week – Games
1. Ravenwood Fair8,363,133+1,365,714+20%
2. AddictingGames1,133,497+943,693+497%
3. Foursquare2,533,585+932,205+58%
4. Texas HoldEm Poker37,758,275+571,053+2%
5. Paradise Life2,284,046+521,836+30%
6. Dragons of Atlantis1,866,652+400,443+27%
7. Draw My Thing975,660+324,420+50%
8. Happy Hospital1,929,167+301,240+19%
9. Loan Consolidation299,276+293,959+5,529%
10. It Girl8,330,123+287,211+4%
11. Jersey Shore1,598,726+247,245+18%
12. Mynet Çanak Okey2,085,858+231,948+13%
13. Dog Show Friends643,887+223,437+53%
14. Street Cap216,570+213,030+6,018%
15. Frenziac210,585+206,816+5,487%
16. Monster Galaxy5,434,371+204,812+4%
17. Cubix Collect205,093+201,332+5,353%
18. Halloween Pumpkins203,222+199,843+5,914%
19. GodsWar Online1,999,896+199,839+11%
20. Witch Lore203,425+199,750+5,435%

Paradise Life is a fun and whimsical game by Icebreak Games that brings in elements from FrontierVille and combines them with a cutesy island theme to make an awfully compelling sim game. In our review of the game last December, we noted that Paradise Life has mixed in many fun and lightweight features from other games to make an experience that manages to feel evolved without being complicated. Paradise Life is highly polished with nice graphics, sound effects that make the game feel alive, and fun music. It has grown another 30% this week, bringing its total monthly player base up to almost 2.3 million.

MTV’s Jersey Shore game is showing up at number 11 on the list this week, which isn’t surprising considering the popular TV show is mid-season. Jersey Shore averages around 3.6 million viewers per episode so while there is a ceiling on the number of players who will be interested in the Facebook game, there is still room to grow. Jersey Shore’s TV demographics consist of people within the 12-34 age range which isn’t necessarily aligned with the majority of Facebook game players and payers. The Jersey Shore Facebook game does do a fair job of keeping up with the show in terms of features, and offers contests for players to meet Snooki in person. However, with the season finale looming, this game may not have the depth and staying power to last when the show is no longer fresh on people’s minds.

Tami Baribeau is Senior Community Manager at ZipZapPlay and a contributor to Inside Social Games.