Ravenwood Fair Crosses 10 Million Players on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games by MAU

Another week of huge gains for Ravenwood Fair has gone by with the game acquiring 547,293 new players. According to AppData, our tracking service for analyzing the top applications on Facebook, Ravenwood Fair has now crossed 10 million monthly active users and is well on its way to break into the top 10 games on Facebook. LOLapps have clearly been devoting a lot of resources to the game, keeping it stocked with new items to buy and features to try out.

Diner Dash is another game we have covered extensively here on Inside Social Games. The popular time management restaurant sim also gained over 500,000 new players this week and is about ready to cross over the 1 million MAU mark. Crowdstar’s It Girl is still going strong, showing a 2% gain this week with another 201,000 players. Dog Show Friends is also continuing to gain traction in the number 12 position on our list; you can see our full review of the Purina and NBC branded game here.

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Ravenwood Fair 10,025,333 +547,293 +6%
2. Diner Dash 930,452 +511,875 +122%
3. Okey Oyna 539,012 +426,343 +378%
4. Birthday Cards 6,126,227 +302,283 +5%
5. Ninja Saga 5,281,928 +242,128 +5%
6. Dragons of Atlantis 2,461,854 +236,086 +11%
7. It Girl 8,972,742 +201,194 +2%
8. Big Business 2,260,314 +158,746 +8%
9. Salon Street 1,120,660 +153,723 +16%
10. Glory of Rome 881,677 +153,584 +21%
11. Fantasy Kingdoms 591,167 +152,705 +35%
12. Dog Show Friends 1,015,740 +149,801 +17%
13. Happy Hospital 2,353,665 +149,743 +7%
14. Texas HoldEm Poker 38,173,008 +142,667 +0.38%
15. Zoo World 5,887,452 +137,576 +2%
16. Backyard Monsters 3,686,753 +130,982 +4%
17. Draw My Thing 1,364,015 +127,691 +10%
18. Okey Oyna 416,164 +125,421 +43%
19. ESPNU College Town 1,667,584 +117,529 +8%
20. Komşu Çiftlik 2,337,415 +106,791 +5%

Backyard Monsters is the oddly compelling strategy game that we reviewed last July. Since its release, Casual Collective have been updating Backyard Monsters and improving upon some of the issues we pointed out last summer. Backyard Monsters has continued to slowly grow and is at its peak MAU of 3,686,753. Backyard Monsters has an above average retention rate, with 24-26% of its monthly players enjoying the game each day. If the game monetizes well, Backyard Monsters could be bringing in a nice chunk of change for Casual Collective. We certainly support game developers who aim to bring something new to Facebook strategy games for a core audience other than Evony clones.

Wooga’s Happy Hospital is faring well on this week’s list of fastest-growing Facebook games as well, although its growth has been very slow. The over-the-top cutesy art style of this hospital sim makes for a whimsical experience that would probably cause the game to spread like wildfire if the gameplay wasn’t so simple (as we noted last November). Players take care of and decorate their own hospital comprised of compartmentalized rooms (much like Hotel City) and tend to pet patients that come in needing assistance with creative ailments. Players have to micromanage each step of the curing process, whether it is by waiting for the step to complete, powering it with batteries, or waking up their hospital staff by providing them coffee. Happy Hospital is now over 2.3 million MAU, but its daily active users is still plodding along at 278,000.

The data in this post comes via AppData, our data service tracking growth and trends across the Facebook platform.

Tami Baribeau is Senior Community Manager at ZipZapPlay and a contributor to Inside Social Games.