Rats at the White House

Was that a rat or a squirrel scurrying near the White House in the backdrop of Marth Raddatz’s report for ABC News?

Judge for yourself.

Raddatz blogged about it later:

“A viewer emailed Jon Banner that they saw a rat run behind you during your live shot at the White House.” That is the email I had waiting on my BlackBerry as I was leaving the supposed rat infested North Lawn tonight after my live shot for the show. Jon Banner is the multi-talented, well traveled executive producer of World News Tonight and I figured he would know a rat when he saw one! So I took a look at the tape.

Yes, there was something scurrying across the screen behind me (is that why Elizabeth Vargas was smiling when I tossed it back to her?), but I’m putting my money on it being a squirrel. The White House lawn is crawling with large bossy squirrels who have been roaming these lawns a lot longer than I have.

In fact, when I finished my live shot there was a fat fur ball in the path that would not budge even after I stomped my feet several times. I had to step over him/her.”