Ratings? Joe Scarborough Doesn’t Care About No Stinking Ratings

It's all about the influencers

Never without something interesting to say, “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough brushed off the show’s ratings fall against CNN and HLN in an interview with our sister site The Hollywood Reporter. It’s not the quantity of viewers, according to Scarborough, but the quality:

Only because all the newsmakers watch us. We have personal relationships with them. The other day, I picked up the phone and called [Senators] Bob Corker and Claire McCaskill. We have never had anybody say to us, “We can’t do you because we’re doing Headline News” or “CNN” or “Fox.” It’s not because we’re such wonderful people, it’s because they know when they’re on our show, the people that run the Washington Post, The New York Times, TheWall Street Journal are watching. And they’re going to hear about it throughout the day.

Scarborough, who was joined in the interview by co-host Mika Brzezinski, was also asked about Brzezinski‘s new solo half hour, in a response that managed to be both encouraging and chauvinistic.

[At 8:30] Mika is coming on and she’s running it and I’m either in the control room or I’m her co-host. And we’ll have more of a focus on women’s issues, but it has to be consistent with the smart talk that we have the first two and a half hours.

Because “women’s issues” customarily implies an IQ drop?