Rather and POTUS Bond Over Texas

It sounds like there was some tension in the air at the traditional pre-State of the Union luncheon with network anchors and the president. The Post’s Howard Kurtz and FNC’s Brit Hume both offer some details of the rare interaction between a press-shy President and the titans of television.

President Bush spent “better than an hour” with the anchors, Hume said, and had a very detailed discussion with an anchor from a “network that shall remain nameless” (The always witty Fox anchors would only hint that its initials were A-B-C).

The obvious conflict in the room, they report, was between the embattled Dan Rather and the President. Hume and Chris Wallace would only say that it was “interesting” but wouldn’t elaborate more. At the end of the luncheon, Bush asked the Texan CBS anchor where he’d be retiring to the Lone Star State in March. He added that he’d join Rather in 2009. But then, as Wallace added, “the President was going off to lead the free world for the next four years.” Ouch.

RatherBiased.com has the FNC video (Quicktime).