Rarhost – free rar file hosting

Today many file hosting sites are trying to offer file hosting for wide type of file formats, but Rarhost has found their niche on .rar file archive hosting.


Of course there is question why rar archives? How they are writing on their site, .rar archive files have possibility to see advanced information about each file so users can see advanced information like files what are in the archive and more. Rar archive size limit is 200mb and that I think is acceptable number for such service.

When you upload your file you get link to the file download page, so you are able to share the files around the world. I have uploaded an archive with my blog logos and here is information what Rarhost are able to show.

I think idea of this project isn’t bad, but it hasn’t something to be popular and on my opinion this is wide scale of offered services – .rar archives is good, but not enough.

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