Raptr Launches Partners Program to Distribute Co-branded Clients

Raptr, a social game discovery platform, has launched a new partners program in order to help companies reach their target consumers and engage with them more deeply.

According to Raptr, a number of major game developers have already jumped on board, including Sony Online Entertainment, NHN USA, Gala-Net, and GamesCampus. They have not limited themselves strictly to games, either. Raptr also partnered with hardware companies such as Razer, a provider of gaming peripherals, and Bigfoot Networks, which makes the Killer NIC gaming network cards.

Seeing as Raptr operates chiefly as a discovery platform, developers that join the program would most likely enjoy good exposure for their titles. They can also integrate with Raptr’s APIs. These APIs enable the platform to easily display the actions occurring in the games supported by the company, displaying achievements, rankings, and even what items players receive.

The partners program will allow developers to distribute a co-branded Raptr client that will come bundled with the game, demos, and even future patches. Using Raptr, developers can integrate their games with other platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

In the past, far too many good games have struggled (or failed) because they didn’t catch the user-base they deserved.  Raptr, with its strong distribution capabilities, now provides a free way for game developers to avoid such a fate with their products.