Rapper's Fan Protests Reverses Facebook Video Ban

Facebook banned a video by Aboriginal rapper Colin Darcy, a.k.a. Caper, but his fans got the site to reconsider.

When Aboriginal rapper Colin Darcy, a.k.a. Caper, posted his video on Facebook, little did he know what kind of reaction it would get.

The performer’s song “How Would You Like To Be Me” disturbed the powers-that-be at Facebook so much that the social media site pulled the posting and banned it altogether.

Avid fans rallied round Darcy and their protests did not fall on deaf ears, according to the Australian newspaper The Advertiser.

Apparently, the song that was recorded by the Southern Australian native contained racial slurs like “black boong” and “black niggas” that Darcy says were words that he overheard during a conversation at a nearby table in a local pizza bar.

Darcy was so enraged by what he had eavesdropped on, with fists clenched, he instead, opted take out his anger by penning the words to his now controversial song.

The contentious lyrics raised quite a few red flags at the Facebook offices. The song’s video was deemed offensive and pulled from the site.

Yet, much to Darcy’s surprise, his fan base was not going to accept Facebook’s decision without lending the artist their support. And it worked: The video’s ban has been lifted and it is up and running on Darcy’s site.

Darcy was overwhelmed by the way in which his fans defended his right to aire his video on his Facebook page. He told The Advertiser:

The response has been incredible. I’ve had great feedback. People can really relate to this issue, because no one is really talking about it.

Check out the lyrics to Darcy’s song, do you think the video should have been pulled?

How Would You Like To Be Me?

How would you like to be me?
An Aborigine
Looked down upon in society
How how would like to be treated like a dog?
By ignorant little suckers that make u feel odd
Think that all we do is drink grog
And they say we only have ourselves to blame
Those idiots should be ashamed
It s like they can’t and won’t understand Aboriginal pain
I wish those haters can walk in our shoes
Then they’ll know what its like to lose
And live a life thats been abused
From hereditary ills
That kill
Hey!! Was just at a pizza bar the other day
Overheard a conversation and I heard me say
Black boongs this… And black niggas that
Made me wanna react
And say something back
With my fists cause I was pissed!!!
But I didn’t while out and act a fool
Cause violence dont change a thing at all
Don’t change at thing at all…