RapaZapp finds fast success with Bubble Angels on Facebook


RapaZapp Interactive Studios looks to have a new Facebook hit in its catalog, as Bubble Angels is quickly growing in popularity on the platform. The game challenges players to protect animals by completing bubble-popping puzzle levels in a familiar setup.

Each level in Bubble Angels offers a move limit, and requires players to complete a different objective, from clearing every bubble from the screen to forcing items to drop to the bottom by destroying surrounding bubbles. Players destroy bubbles by shooting at groups of three or more like-colored orbs, and can use the space bar to swap between two currently active shots.

The more explosions created in a row, the more combo points are earned, and the more stars earned on the overall stage. As players collect stars in bulk, they’ll earn access to bonus chests on the level map, which contain power-ups and other boosts.

Before each level, players can spend their coins on power-ups, including extended accuracy lines and extra bubble shots, and can track their friends’ high scores on level-specific leaderboards. Additional power-ups are available in the middle of stages, like joker bubbles which can be used as any color, and an undo button.

Bubble Angels currently sits at 326,000 monthly active users (MAU) on Facebook, according to our app tracking service AppData. That’s up from just 164,000 MAU on January 29. The game is available to play for free on Facebook.