Ransom Stephens: Digital Writer Spotlight

Self-published author Ransom Stephens used a community writing site to find new readers, negotiating a book deal with a print press in the process. Follow this link to read more of his work at Scribd.
Scribd’s director of communications Michelle Laird praised his work: “Scribd loves Ransom for many reasons. He is one of the self-published authors who was discovered on Scribd and negotiated a POD deal with Yanina Press. He also wrote this great article on The Future of Publishing.”
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Here is a short excerpt from Stephens’ novel, The God Patent.
The memo said they’d get bonuses for submitting patents, so why not? Money came easily during the dot-com boom. Concealed in engineering jargon, Ryan McNear submits a patent for the soul disguised as a software algorithm and his best friend Foster Reed rewrites Genesis and calls it a ‘power generator.’
A few years later, amid the fallout of a ruptured technology bubble, his career ruined and family shredded, a desperate Ryan discovers that a company headed by his old friend Foster is developing his patent. What he thought was a joke is generating stacks of money amid claims that it will provide a source of limitless energy and prove the existence of God.