Ranking The Most Social Professions

Now that every industry seems obligated to use social media in some way, it’s suddenly important to find the most popular. But what industry’s employees use social media tools the most?

Well, it’s a shocking result. First reported by Mediaweek, employees working in “search engines/online portals,” came in at number one followed by those working in advertising and marketing. Who would have thunk that the ones using social media the most were the ones whose job depends on it?

NetProspex, an online sales and marketing database, developed the results by using indexes to count social connectedness and social activity, among other factors.

Surprisingly, bankers came in third while traditional media came in fourth. Not sure how they measured non-traditional media, because unless the blogs and online sites were included in traditional media, it had to fall ahead of television and newspaper reporters.

Falling in dead last was the funeral service industry, however, the group has more friends on Facebook than those folks working at zoos or national parks. This proves people would rather discuss death than hear someone talking in a baby’s voice to a tiger.