Range Rover Rolls Out Ambitious Interactive Commercial

In this social media age, many believe the future of advertising lies in heretofore unseen levels of consumer engagement. While John and Jane Doe may fast-forward through pesky DVR commercials, they will – it is assumed – pause and play with something on the iPhone or iPad, if it merits their attention.

That’s the idea behind Being Henry, a super-cool interactive Range Rover film recently shot in LA that allows viewers to click and drag a live-action lead character played by Leo Fitzpatrick (The Wire, pictured) and thus dictate where he goes, and what he does. Per the press release:

“The film is one of the most adventurous projects I have worked on and has been a real learning curve for me on how interactivity online is the future of really engaging with consumers,” says the commercial’s director, Nick Gordon.

He’s not just blowing 92-grade fuel exhaust smoke. This commercial for the Evoque model really is slick, with nine different storylines and 32 possible endings. Definitely worth a look.