Author Credits FishbowlNY for Asian Publishing Deal

On the Internet, you just never know who might be reading.

RandyJerniganPic2Case in point: our June 24 post “Busy Author Circles Marie Osmond, Daniel Radcliffe and Ellen DeGeneres.” In the two weeks since publication, something exciting and wholly unexpected has transpired for Utah-based writer Randy Jernigan. Per some text provided by Jernigan’s U.S. publishing company rep:

On Monday July 7, contractual agreements were signed between Jernigan, Creative Partners Publishing and a newly formed Japanese publishing firm, Bunkyo-Ku Ltd. of Tokyo.

This agreement gives the Asian company co-publishing and distribution rights for the Asian market to Jernigan’s The Life and Career of Daniel Radcliffe and all succeeding books in the “fan book” series.

Jernigan has credited the the deal to an article published in’s FishbowlNY. “A couple of days later, a literary agent emailed me with word that a publishing executive wanted to talk a deal,” the author said.

Fantastic; glad we were able to help. Jernigan has also separately received renewed interest in a reality TV show pitch he made a few months back. His advice for others?

“It’s like I always tell my writing students,” he exhorts. “You must be creative if you want to make it as a freelancer. Success is within our reach, you just have to keep working hard and be smart about it!” Amen – or, in Japanese, Ramu – to that.

[Photo provided by Jernigan]