Randy Jackson Polls Twitter To Find The Next Big YouTube Star

Randy Jackson has reached out to his Twitter followers to help him find the next big YouTube star.  In a tweet that went out last night, Randy asked, “Yo, who do you think is the next big YouTube star?”  The tweet linked to a post on Jackson’s site—Randy Jackson Next—and includes five videos from five different singing YouTubers.  One of these five will be Randy’s pick for the next YouTube star.

According to the post on his site, “Two weeks ago, Randy asked all of you who you thought was the next big YouTube star and the answers came in fast and furious.”  Tons of people submitted videos and Randy and his team went through and picked out their top five saying, “We picked these cats because they’re all making original music.  What’s with all the covers, YouTube? Step up your game!”

Randy is all about discovering new talent, and that’s why he started Randy Jackson Next.  On the About page of his site Randy says, “’What’s Next?’ is the motto by which I live.  Since I was a kid, it’s the question I’ve asked myself over and over again.  It’s about finding the best in myself, it’s about continuing to evolve as a musician or whatever and it’s about discovering new voices and helping them discover their talent and skill.”  He is hoping to find an artist that could “ignite the next Bieber Fever.”  Perhaps it’s one of these five.

Check out the five musicians that are up for Randy Jackson’s next big YouTube star title and let Randy know which you think deserves to win on his website.  Feel free to let us know who you like best in the comments below as well!

Reggie V – Champion

Mia Rose – Friends In Love

Hayley Stayner – Froze

Steeve Foster – Crackhouse

Lindsey Lee – Fall Out

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