Randy Quaid Adds Phone Hacking to Star Whacking

Just when you thought the story of Randy and Evi Quaid couldn’t get any weirder, along comes AP Los Angeles reporter Anthony McCartney with a juicy “Celebrity Docket” exclusive.

McCartney spoke with Quaid last Friday via telephone from British Columbia. The actor alleged that the only way New York Post reporter Michael Riedel could have written a certain February 2008 article about the troubled Seattle stage production of Lone Sar Love was by eavesdropping on a cell phone conversation between Quaid and his attorney. To McCartney’s credit, he contacted the Post for comment:

The paper rejected the allegation in a statement released to the AP late Friday. “Michael Riedel categorically denies this claim,” the paper said in a statement, stating that Quaid has provided no proof he was hacked.

Quaid is not doing himself any favors by resurrecting the trail of Riedel’s reporting about behavior that got Quaid banned for life from Actor’s Equity. After all, Evi’s reported accusations that it was all part of a “Nazi plot” sound very much like a Pacific Northwest dress rehearsal for her and her hubby’s subsequent Hollywood star-whacker monologues.