Random Things We’re Hearing Today

  • What’s up with those crabs making out on the cover of the Metro section of the Washington Times?

  • Was the media table at Knock Out Abuse canceled? What up with that?(UPDATE: We learn that it’s because the foundation wanted/needed to sell the seats to raise more funds and that journos were informed about this in advance of the event. Sheesh, you journos just want everything for free, don’t you…?)

  • Does David Gregory dye his hair gray…on purpose?

    You tell us.

    (We only decided to float these watercooler conversations today after reading today’s Reliable Source piece on rumors and blogs:

      Of all the legal questions raised by former Hill staffer Robert Steinbuch ‘s lawsuit against his sex-blogger ex Jessica Cutler , perhaps the most fascinating is, why aren’t these darned bloggers getting sued all the time ? Heck, if we printed a fraction of the wild, unchecked, often untrue rumors they do, we’d spend all our time in court!

    So, you know, don’t sue us, David.)