Random notes for random readers (that means you)

If a Galloway falls in a Senate hearing, does anybody hear? Fiery Scot George Galloway tore a strip off the Senate on Tuesday…but you’d never know it from the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs website, since his testimony has been removed. Over at Sploid, Ken Layne just popped a blood vessel. Meanwhile, Galloway loses points for turning his monumental wrath on Christopher Hitchens, calling him “a drink-soaked former Trotskyist popinjay.” He may be a popinjay, but he’s our popinjay. Hitch responds here. Sploid responds here.

Hey, little sister, what have you done? Whatever it is, The Daily has the details: You’ve browsed the registry, you’ve seen the invitation, but you need to know more, more! Graydon Carter is marrying Anna Scott, and now we care who Anna Scott is. Stylists, updos, random guests and meteorological predictions courtesy of The Daily. FYI, you’re still not invited.

Casting Pearls before Stine: Time Inc. top editor Norman Pearlstine makes his case for Matt Cooper (and Time) in the pages of Fortune. It’s a good summary and hopefully the supplication to the high court will work. If not, there’s always the last resort: pie! Or, at least, a mixtape.