Random House Will Not Make Deals With The Wylie Agency


Random House is no longer just criticizing the Wylie Agency’s new eBook push and exclusive deal with Amazon. Now the publisher has said that it will not enter into any “new English-language business agreements” with the literary agency until the matter is settled.

Yesterday, the Wylie Agency and Amazon agreed to release 20 eBooks through the literary agency’s brand new Odyssey Editions imprint and sell them exclusively through the Kindle Store.

Stuart Applebaum, a spokesperson for Random House, pointed out that the new deal will make the Wylie Agency a direct competitor. He stated: “The Wylie Agency’s decision to sell e-books exclusively to Amazon for titles which are subject to active Random House agreements undermines our longstanding commitments to and investments in our authors, and it establishes this Agency as our direct competitor. Therefore, regrettably, Random House on a worldwide basis will not be entering into any new English-language business agreements with the Wylie Agency until this situation is resolved.”