Random House Kids’ App Teaches Reading

Random House Children’s Books has a new kid’s book app available for the iPad called How Rocket Learned to Read.

The app, from Random House imprint Schwartz & Wade Books, is based on author Tad Hills’s New York Times bestselling kids book with the same title. Like the print book, the app is designed to teach kids how to read and write.

The app features more than 40 pages of interactive text and illustrations with two different reading capabilities. The “Read to Me” option has the story being read aloud by actress Hope Davis, as the text is highlighted. The “Read It Myself,” read on their own and tap a word on a page to hear it read aloud. The app also has games for learning how to recognize letter and spell.

Random House Children’s Books collaborated with advertising agency Domani Studios, to create the app. The app is currently on sale for $4.99, down from the $7.99 retail price.