Random House CEO Markus Dohle Celebrates eBook Gains

Random House CEO Markus Dohle celebrated eBook gains in his annual letter staff today. His annual message praised bestselling authors like George W. Bush, Tony Blair, and Stieg Larsson.

Here’s an excerpt from the letter: “For some of our U.S. fall publication titles, nearly half of the overall first-week sales have been in the e-book format. Led by this upsurge, our worldwide digital sales for 2010 are projected to grow by 250 percent over 2009’s. With the coming proliferation of e-reading devices and e-bookstores in Germany, the U.K., Spain, and Latin America, we expect digital sales increases to resound globally.”

In addition, the executive stressed the need for capable professionals to handle these new formats: “with the emergence of new formats and new channels by which authors and their works can be accessed and discovered, our experience and expertise in every step of the publishing process have now become even more essential in our task of getting the stories we believe in to the largest potential readership.”

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