Random Facts, Random Quotes

From the McGraw-Hill Media Summit:

“We spend $4.5 billion on content every year. I think we’re the world’s largest purchaser.” — Comcast CEO Brian Roberts.

There are more than eight million video iPods in circulation. — Glenn S. Goldberg, President, Information & Media, McGraw-Hill, who spoke amid choppy sound as his company’s video logo flickered and wiggled on and off behind him. (Someone tell these guys about how to use wireless so the signals don’t conflict?)

The first month it launched, the PBS Kids channel on demand had more views than any of the other kids channels Comcast offered — Nickelodeon, Disney, etc. — Roberts

Ex-Fishbowler Rachel Sklar was in the house, well, the back of the room for the Web 2.0 bit. More on that in a sec. Rachel tells us “Ruthie,” that’s Dr. Ruth to you, was in the house.

NBC Universal “was the largest provider of video to iPod last week.” — Craig Engler, director, Interatctive, Sci Fi, NBC Universal

Why can’t Disney Online’s Ken Goldstein bring himself to say “Microsoft” (instead of “a company in Redmond” and other variations)?