Randi Zuckerberg’s Veterans Day Book Promo Was a Little Off

We almost hate to point at Randi Zuckerberg because we’ve never heard of her being a big meanie to anyone, unlike her brother in that fictional movie we saw called Justin Timberlake Is a Rich Douchebag. But this is really not the best way to promote your new book on Veterans Day, is it?

Sure, we get the direct connection between a semi-memoir about balancing your digital life with the real world and serving in the military…

Oh wait, no we don’t.

To clarify, there’s a valid point to be made about how social media helps members of the armed forces document their experiences while also keeping up with friends on the outside. If you see that kind of nuance anywhere in the tweet above, please let us know.

For more context, Zuckerberg recently told NYT Magazine that “I really put myself out there” in a way that kind of explains everything:

“‘I’m a marketer, and sometimes I almost can’t take it out of my personal life. I’ve had friends call me and say, ‘Your life looks so amazing.’ And I tell them: ‘I’m a marketer; I’m only posting the moments that are amazing.'”

So that’s how marketing differs from PR! We would have advised against both running this off-key message and ending her first book with a Toto quote and a bunch of random hashtags:

#OMGPLEASESTOP #howdidyougetabookdeal #ohrightyouremarkzuckerbergssister

And no, we’re definitely not jealous or anything like that. Why do you ask?