Rand Paul’s First Campaign Gaffe

Paging Dr. Paul. Dr. Paul to surgery please.

Every four years, the faces may change (well, sometimes), but the plotline hardly does. There is a trajectory to a presidential candidate’s story, whether it ends in a concession call or a family-ringed victory speech at campaign HQ. Along the path from announcement to denouement, campaign coverage hits its tried-and-true tropes as well.

With Rand Paul’s declaration today, we got a two-fer: the campaign announcement and the campaign’s first gaffe, known in general terms as the “well that didn’t take long.”

Randpaul.com, the widget-rich website of our newest official GOP candidate, offers highly-specific photos and banners with which to replace your social media profiles and announce your support. You can be a “Doctor for Rand,” a “Nevadan for Rand,” or perhaps,  a “Jew for Rand.” This last one was particularly perfect for a Twitter rout:



“Jew for Rand” was later replaced with “Jewish for Rand,” but it was of course too late.