Hollyscoop Host at the Center of ‘Camels Gone Wild’ Story

This is not exactly the holiday weekend Diana Madison had planned. But thanks to being in the right place at the wrong (camel) time, she’ll take it.

The hollyscoop.com executive producer and host found herself at the center of a literal media circus Saturday after she recorded, in east Glendale, some cell phone video of a runaway camel on Friday. Atula got loose from the Ramos Bros. Circus and was quickly recaptured. Madison’s Twitter feed provides a vivid reminder of just how quickly this sort of footage can go from local… to national… to viral:

All that’s left now is for Madison to record for Hollyscoop-YouTube consumption a de-pluralized, amended version of The Black Eyed Peas’ “My Humps.” Atula, who is female, was born in Southern California; so perhaps she was simply trying to find her way back home for the holidays.