Raju Narisetti Talks Why He Left The Washington Post

Regarding his departure, Poynter interviewed Raju Narisetti, the former managing editor of The Washington Post who left last week and is heading back to The Wall Street Journal.

Here are a few excerpts:

Why he left:

“…when the opportunity to do what I have done at the Post — get more people to consume more Post journalism than ever before — but now to do it across multiple brands/websites on a global scale at a company that has made profound bets on digital growth came about, it felt like an interesting new challenge to take on.”

On his work at the Post:

“And I tried, with mixed results, to drive home one simple lesson: Big established newsroom cultures can get into trouble when we focus on the rear-view mirror and only talk of how far we have come. I wanted my team, and others willing to listen, to focus the Post on how far it needed to go and how quickly we need to get there.”

What he wished he could have done differently (or really what the Post could have done differently):

“Like many traditional media companies, the Post is also finally recognizing that its future will play out at the intersection of Post journalism and technology, in creating great “experiences” for readers so they are engaged and loyal. And the Post’s journey of not treating technology as a mere service function but as a strategic partner to content, something I have flagged and pushed for quite a while, has just begun and in retrospect I wish I had pushed even harder on the front.”

Read the entire interview.