Raise your own dragon in Tinymals on iOS

tinymals 650

Fans of animal (or ninja) care-taking simulation games have a new option on iOS: Tinymals, from Adrenaline Amusements and Sarbakan. The game sees players raising a pet dragon by fulfilling his needs for food, play and rest. The app starts with a limited selection of toys and food options, but expands to include additional care-taking items as players level up their pet.

Tinymals allows players to interact with their pet dragon in a variety of ways, from tapping and rubbing on the screen to pet the dragon, to throwing balls for it to fetch or play catch. The game’s quest system leads players through the app’s progression, but players have relative freedom to complete tasks as they see fit.

Playing with toys and other in-game objects rewards users with experience points and coins. These items must then recharge before they can be used again. Users can wait for them to recharge automatically over time, or they can pay premium currency to instantly complete the process. A third option allows users to watch a video ad for a free recharge. As players level up, they’ll unlock new toys for purchase, continuing the cycle.

Tinymals is available to download for free on iOS, and is currently featured as a “Best New Game” on iTunes. You can follow the app’s stats on AppData.